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Independent Surveillience Unit

A ISU is a custom design and rental service that is completely hands off for customers. With the ability to self power as well as provide its own network, it's a great solution for construction job sites just breaking ground and special events with valuable equipment stored on site. Unit rental costs can be reduced as sites develop and are able to provide their own 120V power and network. Monitoring can be added for 24/7 secure viewing.


Key Features

  • Facial Recognition - separate employees from threats

  • Ability to Self Power using Solar Technology 

  • Independent Network per Unit

  • 360 Camera view with white light technology

  • Built in Yard lights, flashing strobes and siren for alarm

  • can be setup anywhere with relatively flat ground

  • 24/7 Live viewing for Customer and users of choice

  • 12ft Camera Height for optimal exterior image 


Product Images

Built in Strobe Lights



Night view comparison 

isu white light 

Normal IR 


Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition.png

Built in Flood Lights

Day View

Night View

Screenshot_2022-11-28-17-27-40-852 (1)_edited.jpg


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