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We Implement the Latest and Greatest Technology 

As Technology continues to evolve at an extreme pace, we are evolving with it. We offer a large range of Cameras available to build your CCTV system that suits your individual needs.


App Access

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

  • Create image database (right image)

  • Identifies % Match 

  • Time stamped 

  • Availible on ALL camera models

  • Smart AI Only Detects Humans

paramont app_edited.jpg

All of our camera systems come with free app access for live viewing and remote playback. The app also allows for control of cameras such as the PTZ and any Varifocial Lens. 


invid turret IR.jpg

Turret Camera

Our most commonly used camera, a great Interior or Exterior solution. Featuring a steel casing this makes turrets extremely durable to damage and comparable to Bullets for IR capabilities. Turrets can come with Varifocal Lens meaning the Lens can be remotely zoomed for perfect aligning on a target.


Invid Bullet_edited.jpg

Bullet Camera

Bullet Cameras are exterior camera. known to have greater IR (infrared) capabilities they are a prefect exterior solution for commercial businesses.  They stand out the most out of the camera options and are a great way to remind criminals you have security in place.


Invid Dome_edited.jpg

Dome camera

Dome cameras are known to be the most aesthetically pleasing for indoor applications. These are the cameras you will commonly find in a residential application or an office setting.  


PTZ Camera (Pan/Tilt/Zoom)

These are the cameras you see in the movies that have movement. PTZ Cameras allow the end user or the assigned monitoring station the ability to set camera pathways for monitoring large areas. ptz cameras are known for their incredible ability to zoom.


FishEye Camera

Invid Fisheye_edited.jpg

Fisheye with 3 broken down views

fisheye view_edited.jpg

These cameras are typically used when you want to see directly above a large area. The image comes in a circle view and can be broken down into additional views.


180 Bullet Camera

180 Degree Field of View

180 view.jpg

180 Degree or Panoramic Cameras piece together multiple lens on one IP address to create 180 degree field of view. These are a perfect application for a Storefront wall right above the main entrance door.


License Plate Camera

Vehicle Cam_edited.jpg

database of license plates 

License Plate Cam Image.jpg

These are the dedicated cameras to be aligned specifically for capturing license plate images day or night. license plate cameras can be programmed with Card Access to allow for authentication to parking facilities. License plate cameras do not experience the same IR glare off reflective materials like a normal camera.


Night View Comparison 

 White Light Turret 

Normal IR Camera

White Light Turret

White Light Camera at Night


The "White Light" Turret keeps the Camera in full colour view at night, with a built in light to aluminate up to 75ft. This technology eliminates the typical IR (infrared) light that makes images "black and white" at night. Being able to see playback in colour can be crucial when reviewing a crime. White Light Cameras can be a beneficial yard light as well. These are the cameras we use on our ISUs.


Incorrect Install of a Dome

gooseneck mount.webp
dome mounted to wall wrong_edited.jpg

Gooseneck Exterior Wall Mount

Goosenecks can be used with Turrets or Domes. When installing outdoor Domes it is always recommended to use gooseneck mounts as mounting directly to a wall vertically will have water droplets on the image as well as sun burnt clear casing over time. 


Our 24/7 LIVE Camera

one time set-up Instructions:


2. click through the x2 privacy agreement screens

Screenshot_20230313-123505_Paramont CMS.jpg
Screenshot_20230313-123524_Package installer.jpg

3. scroll right twice to "start" screen

Screenshot_20230313-123558_Paramont CMS_2.jpg

4. click the serial number box

Screenshot_20230313-160713_Paramont CMS_2.jpg

5. change to "ip/domain name"

Screenshot_20230313-124055_Paramont CMS_2.jpg

6. add the information below and click the "preview" button

Screenshot_20230313-154802_Paramont CMS_2.jpg

7. click the cctv image and the "eye" icon


8. click super definition


9. click playback button


10. blue dates have reviewable footage.

orange marks are motion.

blue marks are facial recognition.


*pinch and zoom*



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