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Access Control

Assign Door Schedules and Log Traffic

Access Control, also known as Card Access, is perhaps one of the most complex installs in the Security system world. Card Access can be implemented with Alarm and CCTV Systems. 


Card Access Features

  • Assign Door Schedules 

  • Event Log for live viewing

  • Advanced search ability of logs

  • Unlock or Lock a door live 

  • Saves cost and security issue of having door keys

  • Programmable two form authentication: card + code entry

  • Tie in alarm and camera systems

  • Multiple Doors and Users

  • Separate User Access Levels

  • Integration with Elevators 


How it works

When a user issues a fob to a door reader, the reader brings that information to the panel. the panel reads the information and, if recognized as proper credentials, the electric strike is powered and released allowing the user to proceed through the door. Door contacts can be added for alarm purposes or status, for example, the door is held open past a preprogrammed time.

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Request to Exit Buttons

cdvi fobs.jpg

Keychain Fobs

Tap card

HC button exit_edited.jpg
red exit button_edited.jpg
rci exit button_edited_edited.jpg

Request to Exit Motion

(RTE Rex)

2 Door Controller Panel

Electric Door Strike 

rci strike.jpg

Magnetic Door Lock

(Fire Integration)

mag lock_edited.jpg
rte rex_edited.png

Request to Exit - No Touch (Wave)


Door Contact

new new wave to exit_edited.jpg

Basic Card Reader

two form authentication Reader - Card + Code


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